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This all inclusive book explains the history behind our nation's selection of its flowers and trees. The stories are rich with political intrigues, legends, deception, botanical history, war and conquest, and humor, which makes each state's adoption a unique tale. 

For over a century, each state has adopted a flower and tree as symbols for its state and its people; in fact, some states have chosen several representatives. All states trees, except Hawaii, are native to the state they represent. However, that is not the case with the state flowers as many of them are originally from other parts of the world. 

Whether legislators adopted them for the importance to their state's history, economy, or natives rare or common within the state, these symbols are highly honored by Americans. If the legislator's choices were simple, there would not be a need for this book. This book has been written, however, because the stories of why they were chosen are extremely colorful and grand just like the flowers and trees themselves.... 

Copyright by  Glynda Joy Nord 
 & Lone Star Ladies Press
Within this book, you will discover fascinating answers to intriguing questions such as:

Alabama--Why did the citizens select a non native flower to represent their state?

Alaska--What flower assured the early pioneer's that they would never be forgotten?

Arizona--What type of tree provided DNA evidence for detectives to solve a murder?

California--Who spent thirteen years as the "golden poppy" advocate?

Delaware--While Georgia may be known as "The Peach State," why is the peach blossom the state floral emblem and state flower of Delaware?

Kansas--When citizens adopted their state flower, did they realize that most sunflower blossoms have an average of 34 petals coinciding with Kansas as being the 34th state to join the Union?

Maryland--Where can citizens find a cloned Wye Oak, the honorary state tree?

Nevada--who killed a 4,950 year old bristlecone pine? 

Tennessee--What wildflower and cultivated flower caused the "War of the State Flower?"

    These captivating stories, and many more, can be found within the pages of:
Official State Flowers & Trees: Their Unique Stories
~By Glynda  Joy Nord

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