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The History Behind Each State’s Official Flower and Tree
Retired florist, Joy Nord, writes about USA’s official state flowers and how they became so.
Atlanta, Georgia – From basketball teams to official state seals and symbols, Americans have always exerted a lot of effort into the official titles that represent their states. To begin with, why does America have official state flowers and trees? And how exactly do they represent each state?
If you simply cannot understand why Americans take pride in their state symbols, Official State Flowers and Trees will allow you to discover the reason behind it. This guide is a treasure-trove of information. It is a valuable educational resource that will benefit numerous libraries, teachers, schools, and botanical enthusiasts.
Official State Flowers and Trees offers an exciting and informative lesson explaining the history behind each state’s selection of flowers and trees. Each chapter is dedicated to each state and territory. And, a great deal of the stories is riddled with political intrigue, legends, deception, war and conquest. You will also find a rather humorous side to it.
Numerous state flowers and trees are presented through detailed line drawings, followed by their unique stories. All of the state trees, except for Hawaii’s, are native to the state they represent. For the state flowers, it may sound absurd, but a number of them aren’t native to their regions. In fact, these flowers hail from different parts of the world. The selection process is, indeed, a baffling one. Legislators would take into account the flower’s importance to their state’s history, economy, and natives.
If the process involved simple choices, you will find this book rather bland and irrelevant. However, the history behind the selections are colorful, intriguing, and without a doubt, interesting. This book will not only help its audience learn a small yet significant part of a country’s history, it teaches readers to see how the little things in life can hold remarkable contributions. That small budding flower you see on the road has a very fascinating story to tell. Read Official State Flowers and Trees and discover their rarely told tales.
Now, if you're interested, the book will be displayed during the 2015 Frankfurt International Book Fair. It will be held on October 14 – 18, 2015 at the Frankfurt Trade Fairgrounds in Frankfurt, Germany. You can check it out along with other materials from the author during the event.
Official State Flowers and Trees: Their Unique Stories
Written by Joy Nord
Kindle | $ 3.99
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About the Author
Glynda Joy Nord is a retired florist. Although she no longer handles flowers on a daily basis, they are still a significant part of her life. She contributes to’s Austin Flowers and Trees column. Nord was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota, but being a military brat, she spent a great deal of her youth living in northeastern and southern states. In 1968, her family moved to Texas. And from that moment, she knew, she was home. She lives with her husband, Richard, in Round Rock, Texas. Upon Richard’s retirement from the Texas Army National Guard, Glynda Nord was commissioned  by Governor Rick Perry as an official “Yellow Rose of Texas.”
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